Staying informed & Changing priorities to navigate uncertainty

Coping with change.

COVID-19. We are learning new ways and getting better every day. We have not seen anything like this before. As circumstances change, cities have come to a standstill, routines have changed and new ways of collaborating are emerging.

There are three things we are doing to navigate this environment.
  • Stay informed. Take the pulse of the current landscape and technology demand to understand the needs of our customers.

  • Prevalent and transparent. Customers are looking for information and trust in us to deliver, so we make sure we proactively communicate.

  • Connect in real-time. As consumer behavior shifts, we are making sure our services and product information is up to date across all channels and communications to ensure we’re striking the right tone.

In this challenging time, people are looking to companies for preparedness. Through the uncertainty, the primary thing customers want from us is relevant and up-to-date information. Being there in these important moments with useful information will help ensure we’re delivering the assistance you need.

Staying connected.

As social distancing continues, we, at ONE BCG, our coworkers, and our customers are turning to online video calls to adapt, cope, and stay like a community.

To combat the feelings, of fear, anxiety, and loneliness here are some things we are suggesting our people stay positive and healthy.
  • Create a routine. This may help bring order and purpose to daily tasks. Be sure to include activities such as exercise, eating healthy, meditating, and other healthy pastimes.

  • Stay connected virtually. Phone or video call a friend or family member during this social isolation. Having a conversation and staying connected could help relieve sad or anxious feelings.

  • Get online. Social media sites can make it easy to reconnect with old friends or make new ones. Research has shown that having a lot of friends in your social network may make you feel more supported and could result in less stress. But choose your time and frequency carefully.

  • Learn something new. Find a topic or skill of interest, take an online course, and upgrade your skill, invest time in learning new skills, and stay ahead.

  • Stay positive. Discuss experiences and feelings with loved ones, keep a daily gratitude journal, and practice mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

Our guiding principle as a brand, particularly at this moment, is to be helpful. And as people turn to technology for information and connection in these times of need, we’re mindful that we can be more helpful today than they were even yesterday.

COVID 19 insights

Dr. Bill Rodrigues, an infectious disease physician, and has been a leader in global health for more than a decade. He shared his COVID-19 insights with us about what was coming and summarized information that is relevant to all of us, our family, and friends. He is a trained infectious disease physician who had worked on epidemic preparedness off and on since 2001, and intensively from 2015-2017 when he led clinical trials of new diagnostics for Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and for Zika in South America and worked on diagnostic test capacity planning for new outbreaks at a global level.

Amid this health and humanitarian emergency, the priority at ONE BCG is to protect the health and safety of people. Leaders made rapid decisions and took immediate actions to protect and support our employees while ensuring that critical business operations continue.

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