Is coordinating caregiving across a health system a complicated business?

How can you introduce a new platform into a working facility without disrupting care delivery? What are the emerging healthcare solutions for home care?

Survival in today’s healthcare ecosystem demands innovative ways of doing business supported by agile business practices. ONE BCG helps clients streamline their operations and improve healthcare delivery and transform workforce management.

Challenges in home-based healthcare service providers

  • Inability to close the demand and supply gap: America is home to an aging population. By 2020, an estimated 17% of the entire community will be 65 or older. That’s 50 million men and women who will be increasing their reliance on the healthcare industry as a whole. Recent AARP survey results show that nearly 90 percent of those over 55 plan to stay in their homes (though roughly 20% will be forced to transfer into nursing homes or assisted living facilities). But that still leaves up to 70% – 35 million people – aging at home and reliant (at least to some degree) on home health care.

  • Excessive time is spent on documentation: Focusing on paperwork can take away time that could otherwise be well spent with those you serve and their families. One of the ways documentation is hurting the business is in payroll and attendance, aged receivables, patient visit records, and more.

  • Inability to stay “current” and lack of innovation: The home healthcare industry is in the midst of a technological revolution and is struggling to keep up. Learning how to use new technology effectively takes considerable time and effort. While some of the agencies are quick to adapt, a few are lagging, put off either due to additional cost burden or lack of awareness. Older, outdated systems are being replaced with faster, less-intrusive technology. From home health monitoring systems that integrate with hospital networks to mobile administration units and beyond, technology is expanding at an ever-increasing pace.

 How we solve complex challenges

  • Smart operations: Adopting advanced technologies that accelerate decision-making and eliminate routine administrative tasks.

  • Tech innovations: Tap into design thinking capabilities and address problems using automation, analytics, Face recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • Agile delivery: We build on the strategy, design, data, and engineering capabilities required for solving your toughest challenges.

  • Resource optimization: Using intelligent automation, we absorb additional work using process improvement, training, planning, and automation.

ONE BCG home-based healthcare service platform

We build intelligent workforce management platforms to help home-based healthcare agencies of all sizes to manage scheduling, time & attendance, client visit verification, billing & payroll with live authorization tracking, real-time alerts & notifications.

  • Billing & Payroll: Payroll allows agencies to track time electronically. Review and reconcile the shifts, export to your accounting software, and helps you prepare for billing. Our programs make it easy to follow employee time in various settings. Time entries are used to allow for payroll data. Our payroll time and attendance module can be used for scheduling, compliance, reporting, billing, authorization management, and other business management purposes.

  • EVV: The Electronic Visit Verification solution based on Facial recognition lets you verify clock-in and clock-out time and the total billable hours spent on the shift. Helps in invoicing, settling disputes, and legal compliance with a completely customizable platform that goes beyond EVV with management software to also:
    • Improve process efficiency
    • Increase profitability
    • Manage training compliance
    • Communicate efficiently with data access

  • Scheduling: Track and manage schedules efficiently from one screen. Schedule creation tool, real-time staff ratio management, leave requests, employee rotations, and more. The scheduling Module enables agencies to manage:
    • Care Worker hours
    • Overtime
    • Staff-to-client ratios
    • Employee rotations

  • Authorization: Real-Time authorization allows real-time data management and reconciliation system. Serves as the system of record for agencies to access and maintain service authorizations.

  • Key Drivers
    • Process consistency
    • Business alignment
    • User satisfaction

What makes us different  

We help our clients grow revenue through cost optimization, reduced dependency on legacy systems, and enhanced ability to reallocate savings to care management for improved outcomes.

We help our clients drive breakthrough growth by combining deep healthcare delivery experience and subject matter expertise with analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and innovative talent. We help payers, providers, and government agencies increase provider, member, and group satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs. 

We embed digital transformation in operations end-to-end, driving superior outcomes and value realization today while enabling streamlined processes to serve the emerging healthcare market of tomorrow.

  • Advanced technology: Replace outdated methods and solutions with a modern—use of Machine learning-based facial recognition, mobile device location for in-home validations, and more.

  • Enhanced compliance: Confidently verify home care visits are completed safely and securely and experience faster reimbursement with increased documentation accuracy.

  • Optimized operations: Real-time authorizations, intuitive user experience, enhanced recruitment and retention, scheduling, route optimization, and reporting.
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