ID verification scanner machines: Importance and benefits

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Identity verification is an integral part of many businesses. It is a routine process in the legal enforcement of many services. For a very long time, the ID scanning process has been a manual process and depends on personal skills. The use of technology has reduced errors, speeded up the entry process, and resulted in higher customer satisfaction and fraud prevention. ID verification machines also serve purposes such as security, confidentiality, data collection, and more.

Some of the business which is most likely to incorporate ID verification machines into their day to day operations include bars, pubs, nightclubs, and lounges. This article series discusses in-depth about how ID scanners work, different methods, and how they are helping businesses.

The importance of Identity verification 
The biggest challenge of today’s organizations is to create a seamless ID verification process while reducing transaction friction and deterring fraud.
ID Scanning application and device allows businesses to establish the genuine identity of their customers by verifying government-issued identity documents in real-time. Advanced technologies capture authentic ID images and content (name, address, date of birth, and more.) that can be used in-case of fraud or sometimes to understand consumer behavior.

Meet compliance mandates 
To operate within the control of the law, bars, pubs, and liquor stores should ensure that they do not allow consumption of alcohol to the minors. Some establishments such as casinos and nightclubs might also cater exclusively to adult patrons and prohibit the entry of minors. In situations like this, ID verification machines provide a smooth and perfect means of verifying the actual age of a potential customer. It helps the management prevent underage alcohol consumption within its premises. Thus, these machines enable businesses to abide by the requirements of the law and operate legitimately. They also help the establishments to identify or trackback fraud issues.

Simplify customer onboarding 
ID scan applications and devices are easy to use and smoothly integrates into your existing process. ID scanners help the process of verification faster and accurate. Installation of a quality ID verification machine prevents the formation of long queues during peak hours and create onboarding friction at entry points.

Data collection and analysis 
Seamless and accurate data capture from the ID scan. Data from the Identity card is automatically extracted and tabulated. This data can later be put to use when the customer revisits the venue.
Using a quality ID scan machine proves helpful by identifying patrons. High spending customers will be notified as soon as they enter the premise and swipe the identity card at the entrance. Individual care can be taken off VIP patrons or regular high spending patrons based on the notifications. While this proves as an advantage, it also helps identify trouble makers at the venue and can prevent or take necessary actions to avoid trouble.

Automate manual processes 
Eliminate operating costs associated with manual ID verification and error-free. Investing in an ID scan application or device is a one-time effort. It is bound to give results for years to come. A manual verification process can lead to arguments, errors, high wages, and no data. These devices are relatively not so expensive and handy.

This article covers the importance of identity verification and its benefits to businesses that need to verify patrons’ identity cards before providing service. In the next blog, we will elaborate more on types of verification and technology behind ID scanning.

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