Win chargeback disputes with compelling evidence at your nightclubs

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Not all disputes become chargebacks, but when disputes become chargebacks, knowing which compelling pieces of evidence to present can make or break your case. To win your chargeback disputes and recover your lost revenues, you'll need to show "compelling evidence" – proof that transactions are, indeed, valid, and you, the merchant, fulfilled your end of the bargain.

Industries that sell intangible services are likely to be more prone to chargebacks. The night clubs, pubs, and liquor retailers are especially prone as they are likely to induce buyer's remorse in a large percentage of their customer base. Buyer's remorse is the sense of regret after having made a big purchase, and it is frequently associated with the expense that is considered extravagance and perceived to be forced upon you.

Capturing customer information is the best way to prevent chargebacks or present proof in cases where chargeback is already filed, and the merchant has to prove his evidence. With the right tools, your team can identify unwanted patrons who can create legal hassles for your business. Why not prevent a problem before it walks through the door? We believe in using the latest technology to empower our customers to minimize risk and boost operations.

Infographic showing how to win chargeback disputes with compelling evidencein a flow diagram

  • Scan and record the customers' driver's licenses- ID scanner can capture fields of identification in lesser than 5 seconds – customer demographics such as name, age, gender, address, and more, and an image of their driver's license and credit card. We also can integrate electronic signature as an additional level of security to guarantee that customers cannot issue a chargeback.
  • Timestamp your ID swipes- ID scans are timestamped. It is easy and can be matched with credit card processes. This will help in proving that the patron in question was at the venue during the time and credit card process in question.
  • Record biometrics- The more customer information you capture, the easier it is to provide proofs to credit card companies, and easier it is to fight chargeback claims against your business. With ONE BCG's agreement signing feature, you can create a contract on the portal and have your patrons sign a contract.
  • Photo capture the patrons' IDs- ID scanning allows for the capture of both sides of the license and saves images to the cloud. These images can be of the hard copy of the ID, credit card or any other identifying documents. All the images are saved to the cloud and linked to the ID scan of your patron for anytime review.

By following these best practices with the cutting edge technology, you can eliminate risks that cost you and prevent fraudulent activities with no hassle. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or email us, for a free consultation.

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